We introduce ourselves as Admire Tailors engaged exclusively in the making of bespoke clothings. We specialize in Suits, Sports Coats, Over Coats and Shirts for business and casual wear.

Shipping Policy

We have taken every effort to make your shopping experience fun and easy. We also believe in giving our customers Value for Money.

Keeping this in mind, we are offering Free Shipping on all order above $50.

We use door to door courier services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and others to quickly and conveniently deliver your orders to you.

We require a maximum of 10 days to process your order before we ship them out to you via one of the above courier services. It takes them another 3- 7 days to deliver your order to you.

It takes approximately 17 – 20 days for you to receive your order once we have fully received your order including measurements, special requirements and payments.

Return Policy

We stand by every piece of garment we produce. We have a strict quality control process and check every aspect of our garment before we ship orders to our customers.

Sometimes mistakes do happen – sometimes due to us and sometimes due to wrong measurements and specifications provided by our customers. We believe in full customer satisfaction and will work with each customer to fix any problems that may occur. We can alter for free, remake and resend items on our expense, refund customers for alterations and other means that are required to fully satisfy every customer. If problems do arise, we will communicate and work with each customer to find the best solution for both parties and satisfy our customers.


We do not take responsibility for customs duty and other tax payments the customers might be required to pay for their order in their home country. 9 out of 10 times our customers are not charged import or custom duty for their orders. If customers are required to pay custom duty, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay these fees. We always undervalue your order on shipping documents to help our customers avoid paying custom duties.